Surprising facts about panic

Did you know that panic and anxiety disease is one of the hardest diseases to treat? The reason is because there are no outward signs that doctors can use to diagnose it. Not even any chemical or blood tests can show that one is suffering from panic. Panic is one of those things that until recently doctors said it was all in your head!

It was not just doctors who previously perceived panic to be a no big deal. Family members and closest friends could be among the cruelest people when you are experiencing panic.

What was panic like in previous generations?

Imagine, in 1980, if someone had call you and tell you he/she is suffering from panic and anxiety attacks the first thing that will ring in your mind is that he/she is crazy. The truth is, panic has got nothing to do with the sanity or intelligence of a person. As a matter of fact, people who are very intelligent are the ones that are most vulnerable to panic. In the last 40 years, people that talked about panic were dismissed and it was not taken seriously. If you failed to show up at work you were considered lazy. If you didn’t end up at a party you were considered antisocial. The stigma back in those years is what made it very hard for one to cope up with panic.What exactly causes panic? The fear of the unknown is the chief cause of panic. It is very normal for any human being to panic especially due to the fear of the unknown.

Let’s take a real-life example of a person who has never experienced a panic attack before sitting on a dentist’s chair. As this person is on the chair, he/she will definitely have a panic attack. Just imagine how it had felt when you are in the dentist chair for the first time.That feeling when you can’t just breath, and you heart is racing and all that stuff. It is just because of the fear of the unknown. There are so many theories that explain panic. But the real cause of panic is your environment and whoever surrounds you. One can be having a hard time but if the closest people are dismissive then your condition gets worse.

Managing panic

The most common way to diagnose panic is by listening carefully to that person’s language. If you hear someone saying phrases like ‘i wish you don’t undergo what I am going through now’ or even ‘i would never want my worst enemies to undergo what I am going through right now’ If you hear someone using this phrases, then it should ring in your mind that the individual is in panic.

The first thing in managing panic is to realize that you have already panicked. After that, you can make good use of self-help ways like this

Deep breath-Taking a deep breath can help calm your nerves

Relaxation- There are a variety of ways to get relaxed. You can either decide to exercise by engaging in activities such as yoga. You can make use of complementary therapies like massage and aromatherapy

Diet-Research has it a lot of sugar in your diet causes panic attacks. You should maintain a good diet.

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