Exercise and Fitness are the Key to a Good Life

Good health, wealth and happiness are the key elements of a good life. Fitness involves regular exercise and a balanced nutritious diet. Regular diet and exercise is indispensable for a good life and any individual as it can keep ominous health conditions at bay.

Exercise is a necessity when you want to maintain a healthy and good life. Working your muscles has no direct bearing to your age. Staying physically fit is the goal and you can opt for exercises well suited to your body type and age. Exercise is undoubtedly beneficial for you, regardless your age.

Research findings point out that much of the physical weakness associated with aging is in fact the upshot of lack of any physical activities, a poor lifestyle and eating habits, and diseases. However, most of these problems can be resolved or reversed by a positive change in lifestyle, regular exercise and eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

The beneficial effects of physical exercises are simply mind boggling. However, a proper and regular exercise will help to protect you against certain chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Heart ailments as well as degenerative diseases of the bone can also be prevented if you exercise regularly. The overall fitness thus achieved will help you in leading a good life.

While most of us take our body for granted, the natural balance and agility is affected considerably as we age. The muscles grow old and infirm with increased age resulting in injury and mishaps. Unsteadiness associated with age can be treated only by regular exercise. Specific exercises aimed at restoring the equilibrium of the body can go a long way in keeping you agile and alert even in advanced years.

Apart from improving the physical condition of our body, it also helps in improving the mental state. It can calm the stressed nerves and elevate the depressed mind. You can actually feel lighter after exercise session and this is the essence of a good life. The difference can be felt even more if you had been living a wayward life so far and then have suddenly switches to a restricted and disciplined lifestyle. When you work out daily, a chemical called endorphin is released from the brain. This is called good mood hormone that keeps you mood lighter and happier. Besides, after a complete exercise session you feel a sense of ?I did it? which undoubtedly works on lifting up your spirit.

Now coming to food habit, it needs special mention that without a balanced diet, healthy body is impossible to get. Your daily meal should contain balanced proportions of protein, vitamin, fats, fibers etc that are required for good health, hence good life.

The food pyramid guide can form an effective guideline to your daily food choices. According to this you must consume food items such as fats, oils and sweets sparingly, consume food items such as dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts in moderation along with larger servings of leafy vegetables and fruits and may have more servings of carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, rice and pasta. The dietary guideline also recommends that you reduce the intake of saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium and the amount of sugar from your diet.

Other than good food and proper exercise, sufficient rest and sleep play a very important part in our good life. So, for a good life, occasionally take a sneak from your hectic life for a small nap or relax down for a while, as they are great rejuvenators

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